La Granja aims to ensure that Emotional Education can reach more children, young people and adults in any city or country, which is why it offers investors, independent professionals and organizations two formulas to achieve the La Granja Method, whose results have been scientifically proven to be The emotional competencies of the children increase after their time at the Farm, so they can rigorously reach any territory.

The Expansion is already a reality. In 2019, a new Farm was inaugurated in Madrid, in 2022 La Granja Andorra was inaugurated and right now we are studying new demands to implement the project in other cities.

The expansion area has been prepared to replicate the La Granja model in different geographical areas (both in Spain and the rest of the world) and so that its methodology and business model can be offered to entrepreneurs excited to develop in the educational sector and committed to Emotional Education can reach all corners of the geographical area where it wants to be implemented.

The project has been designed to offer all the knowledge, as well as continuous evolution and research of its methodology. The size of the project and the possibilities it offers requires that the expansion team assess the suitability of the candidate so that their continuous support is optimal.

The consolidation of the project and the continuous demand from parents, groups, entities and associations to live the La Granja Ability Training Center experience in their territories of residence where La Granja is not present opens a path that fills us with hope to achieve our dream : that the learning of social and personal skills is a right of all boys and girls in the world.

Be the ambassador of Emotional Education applied to your territory, we want to accompany you on this fantastic journey that we want to take together. Request project information by clicking on the form below.

Formula for model replication
• Project implementation and constant support.
• Exclusive business development and support team.
• Rigorous and scientifically proven educational innovation.
• Reference brand in emotional education at a social, academic and media level.
• Talent management and continuous training.
• IT and APP support.
• Advertising, marketing and communication.
• Application of personalized knowledge adapted to each territory.
• Geographic exclusivity.

La Granja has developed a project to open other centers in the world, there is surely room for one near you.

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