online emotional support for families

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Would you like to consult on specific aspects of the emotional life of your family that you are especially concerned about, and acquire more resources to educate your children? We offer ideas and games for playing together to increase empathy, respect and awareness about limits, as well as tricks for positive communication or how to tolerate frustration and fear. Accompaniment and support will help you to learn how to produce positive emotions so the general state of mind at home becomes more pleasant and serene.

The Emotional Educator from La Granja can also have a one hour session with the whole family online, to explain what emotions are and how we can manage them in a positive way… allowing us to learn what complaining really is, or why it is so easy to get angry, easing the way to expressing yourselves and clearing up any doubts that you may have.

The meeting will take place by videoconference (Zoom) so a good connection must be ensured.

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