online group sessions for teenagers

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for children from 11 to 16 years old

Our objective is to offer a space where teenagers can share and express their feelings and experiences with an emotional outlook and the aid of an expert Emotional Educator who will do activities with them ONLINE. It is conceived for groups of 10 aprox and 1.5-2 hour sessions.

La Granja and its team of emotional educators carry out this activity according to demand from educational centres and organizations. We believe that in the present situation produced by the pandemic it is of vital importance to accompany teenagers in a space where they feel safe to express their emotions, as well as offer them simple and efficient tools and strategies to deal with the situation and be able to share with their peers.


-SESSION 1 I’m worried about….1.5 to 2hrs

-SESSION 2. Self-esteem.1.5 to 2hrs

-SESSION 3: Fear and apathy.1.5 to 2hrs

-SESSION 4: Positive Communication. Understanding myself and others. 1.5 to 2hrs

SESSION 5: Motivation vs Boredom.1.5 to 2hrs

-SESSION 6: What makes us shine? part I.1.5 to 2hrs

-SESSION 7: What makes us shine? part II.1.5h to 2hrs


-1 session (maximum 15 people): 50€/session/people

-For more sessions consult the price


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