emotional ed counseling for schools online

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This is a customized counseling service of Emotional Education training for teams who wish to do emotional management activities with their students in the school environment.

Addressed to schools and organizations that carry out activities in the field of education and wish to offer an innovative project that produces results in the improvement of the emotional management of relations between students and teaching staff. It has also adapted to the emotional consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on children (managing negative emotions such as fear, rage or sadness).

Duration: 7 days (30 hours Online). Includes training a team of a maximum of 25 people, and customized counseling with activities to do in class.

Price: 1.485€

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Format: Online with a time schedule to be arranged with you.


-Introduction to emotions

-Fear versus Courage

-Anxiety versus Serenity

-Rage versus Calm


-Joy versus Happiness

-The dynamics of activities with an Emotional intent

-How should an Educator of activities with an emotional intent be?

-How to educate the emotional side to a leisure activity?

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